Monday, January 26, 2009

it strikes. you
abandon, come back, and it's still
there but you're looking at something different.
you don't say it, but what you feel
is my note: in space
and the ideas of people who know
what i don't.

7 days in the art world, 2666, 180426.
i found something out: superior companies
have better advertising campaigns because they can predict the future.
lesser companies respond to them by copying and so, reap stale benefits.
are there anymore fundamentals in this bag?
we all assimilate
into the same

except for sense of humor,
which is near abroad and a qualification
of a hole in the crazy:
there's nothing nude under the sun,
no nude directions,
a new erection meant for the spoiling,
and so return to difference in deference to each time.