Thursday, July 15, 2010

to know poetry is to be a Scientist

to know poetry, a Scientist
compares grand plies to the professionals
and eats like an opera singer
and drinks espresso that has been drawn
by someone who actually knows how

subjective resonance

the universe and beyond

is either a freak accident or
an intelligent design

the universe and
beyond is simultaneous
ly a freak accident and
intelligent design

A freshly lit Cuban cigar in a train car.

how many turned to poetry
on September 12th --
of what value is the act

if something does not occur
it is either nonexistent or

I can do anything for 2 minutes,
in "physical therapy" is strength
in "therapy" is recklessness
to friends is "boastful"

I can do anything for 2 minutes.

anomalies arising in human/machine
interactions are available
for study and examination

pairs of operators with shared intentions
induce further anomalies, especially when
individuals share an emotional bond

When did I start liking Russian dressing?

these anomalies can be demonstrated
with the operators located
up to thousands of miles

from the laboratory,
exerting their efforts many hours
before or after the act
ual operation of the devices

You begin to care about it the same way you know
you could get used to anything.

human consciousness is independent
of the distance between the percipient
and the target, and independent
of time

between specification of the target
and perception effort, yet entirely
correlated with such subjective variables

as intention, meaning, resonance, and uncertainty

it reasons --

the basic processes
by which consciousness
exchanges information with its environment,
orders that information,
and interprets it, also enable it

to bias probabilistic systems and
thereby to avail itself
of some control over its reality

Romeo and Juliet was sad, but awesome, too.