Sunday, October 25, 2009

it's the truth
quite a bull's-eye
so right so very right
uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
of course of course of course of course
didn't you say oh didn't you say that first
you are a man who looks good as a woman
young something looks good in pants
oh that's just terrific isn't it
now tell me does it get so
hard to learn anything
when you never hate
what you have

Friday, October 23, 2009

i love you because you are me the way i won't turn out
that drop of blood in my glass of milk and so,
if you talk to me before we are outside your dad's apartment
turn to me, god commanded our pubes match our haircuts

what you didn't do will stay with you forever, that is
until you die and i do not but please don't make me stay with you
i don't think i'd be able to watch the way i stay afloat
and your life makes sense in the context only of what did not become of me

if you asked how, you would be a fucking idiot
the opposite of hallelujah that comes out, comes out wherever you are
in truth we never lied to one another because we were the same
try as we might it just wasn't something of which either of us was capable

you will go the way the dead go beneath the willows
on the sabbath i will recount your deeds but no one will know
all the keys, everywhere, all of us but no piano man
the sun will rise to drag your ghost out of the future

Friday, October 16, 2009

a pretense, someone else's or your own, sure but
the sound of lips is inarticulate without some distance
come on, when did we stop trying to make the Animal Kingdom proud

spit it out like a beached whale, crack it somewhere
in the middle, feel the bypass being stripped
not to recall the original context

each new victim must change one-third of the world
or the equivalent, if persons don't strike an overly telepathic clash:
orange powder on lids and thighs
the day swallowed instead of spit
release the antedote

kick dirt into the lungs of Atlantis, eh
pleather and nose jobs abound in this new place
no more indigenous queens dressed in white roses

i went down the hill
i went up the hill
i didn't, i did:
brainstorms in the bomb shelter just to borrow a friend
my only hangup involves sustainability being light-sensitive

in the form of professorship, in the form of Madame Curie
in the form of hydrogen, in the form of Hitler conquering Poland
in the form of reposition, in the form of sacred artifacts

Thursday, October 15, 2009

far from a full night's worth
i just went in there and thought about who i was
really talking to, there's really no one,
a hint but nothing more

i think, therefore
do it like you did, and say it
say it funny, say it how you said it
with the hand gestures and your face

we're all jokes aren't we the kind
you tell to everyone starting with
a Jew, a Rastafarian, and a Sikh walk into a bar
we told the Shintoist stay home

you don't mean for anyone to listen
unless the ghost operating your machine
derives the intention from somewhere
while it never leaves the cockpit

always manned, ever evaporating
little tweaks here and there but mostly low maintenance
nothing too high tech except being born
even then you can get a lot of help

the biggest trick is other people make you think
you're real just by being nearby,
they all have ideas they just don't know
where any of them come from

Monday, October 12, 2009

AND THEN woops caps lock
and then a pair of SHORTS

Monday, October 5, 2009

how raging
when did i learn such tolerance
most days i buy no food, what does it look like
that dog's been trying to get under the fence
democracy got under Athens
and we've felt it ever since, it did
the sort of thing animals do

some posturing, yes and my dreams
rows of ducks, one foot and a half
pumping, i could guess what's more
girlfriends or eat three meals

all a little fat all levitating

what happened is by no means
i would warn you but you are dead

sleep, maybe when you said no

i called a plumber, promise not to forget

all were groomed for the playground

hidden from being caught en guarde
i tried to warn you but you are dead
the resumes threw themselves up

don't laugh but what's funnier

some posturing, yes and my dreams

rows of ducks, one foot, and then
three meals all a little fat

tried to promise and then what