Saturday, April 11, 2009

is the resemblance real
every educated person wishes to convey thoughts so accurately
finally what is the present status
we have developed mathematically elegant systems to detect the difference
betwen an elephant and an optimist
it's the time zone
no answer without heat
the desired colors are produced with coloring agents
one color might exist in one composition, but be different in another
call it Amythst. Olive amber
where there is not a trace of amber, we might call it reduced to simple words
they who are able to learn a sequence of instructions will be rehabilitated
the body is infected with the image of the thing

Sunday, April 5, 2009

cold, easily
but the thoughts
run harder with less obvious
connection to what makes
willingness or something
more sinister, inclusive
of that desire to exclude
what we have not made
while wrenching
how right we've always been:
eyes that see the same thing
whether open or closed.