Wednesday, October 13, 2010

j lo

about the pediatrician and
another pregnancy phone call
brands little girls like cattle
until the roof caves in
a cave caving in the books, clothes, bed

the antimaterialist's dream come true
the antimatter coming true becoming you

a margarita in a pricey dive
a margarita in a roadside hideaway
a margarita driveway
Coup de
Cruella de

the period piece
of what exactly
pooling over the plaster
sinking by the second
no drain to move beyond
father fraternity
mother sorority
i am waiting for tonight
to prove my autonomy
with your sister by accident
disillusionment is maturity
the value of one dollar's
worth of


gone on the days when the sun used
to set on my empty hart all alone
in my bed tosing and turn
emotions were strong i knew i had to hold on

intergallactic chat roulette
batteries that die when you do
a thought that needed having


your language is donovan donovan


the woman in red said, "take care of your feet and rebuild"
with no teeth but gums
woman loved false teeth man
man loved eight-tooth smile

something is probably wrong
chips down and eaten up
triangles try and keep trying or else
a pyramid takes itself more seriously

little better than you could ever be
or ever could
nothing is dramatic
the out-of-body experience is so inauthentic
eardrums recapitulate
yourself laughing at yourself
when you're not laughing

pointed toe nails for the ballerina
flat feet for the tall man
green slime where the limericks were abundant
recycled recycled recycled

countless turns back to the keys and it is the keys
that earn money so you can play the jailer
less social current
more fragility
where i lay my laurels beside my underwire

the gap between gold and gold filling
gold and gold alloy
gold and gold plated
gold and gold teeth

the trace is left but never followed
no need to check
everything spilled becomes the denim
engage the eye patches your body built for you

help yourself sleep
help yourself blink
help yourself unconscious
the crystals took and kept taking
white light whited the ghosts of Yiddish past