Tuesday, November 10, 2009

it is the nurturer in me the mother spirit some universal water enabling weeds
but what is left in the aftermath what vessels stay watertight what conscience bears
the weight of dignity willingly in absentia must i know what remains
before i know what still is the daunting task of circuitous logic

the holiest of clergymen is subject to the same ethics
we will fail from time to time it's a matter of standing by and keeping private
or publicizing when you are funny in a good humored way so long as nobody gets hurt
something buried under the mattress until you stick an arm under once more

the worst thing anyone can do is believe there is a difference between
take me down but don't leave me there you can steal from me i will dig with you
to the darkest but don't go with all the stuff give me something
something something one little piece for my little mantle let me

hold one small soft shard of this could have been so long
as it is never going to and in exchange i will be at peace with what
i have donated in favor of the worst odds and despite
continuing simply because small minds forget what they are looking for

look anyway i look at everything the hints are everywhere
the more i look the more i've laid it on you this minute and you do not deny
how couldn't you you you see it yourself for the first time that opportunity and now
we are just us and the world that greets us differently

my guards have been on permanent leave since your face cracked
it's exciting to be unprotected sure but you always wonder
what's going to happen and who controls us anyway it could be chemistry
or god or both but still there's our worlds of different worlds among trees

in buildings with quiet rooms i keep being found when i know there's nobody there
we start the purgatory all over again oh will i or won't i or will you make me
or will i have to apologize to myself for this fervently despite having already
been forgiven and until what point do i get to make the from the get go speech

and i'll tell you the deep dark too i mean i have it in here somewhere
it just needs a little help finding its way out the way we all do when we're in a new place
that's just it isn't it time is a new place so give me the map the atlas
the license to navigate i'll go if you go but there's no way to know

your promise is good i don't take your currency no traveler's checks
no outside languages either do it my way
or go someplace else oh now you've learned some sensitivity
conducting an orchestra

i hear it down there i'm going to learn the soprano shrill
for certain but on key no less will suffice for the big time
acting always performing always for some local arena as soon as
it's familiar it's been spoken about too much let's go

you and i both need new territory i think i
found something in a minute if you wait by the side door
you might find something too it won't be
perfect but it will be easy enough