Friday, May 7, 2010


which way is up
left is right and right is left
my gps system just shattered
my maps are tearing themselves to pieces
oh, my glasses grew hands and now theyre bashing themselves with their new fists
ok, here's something else that's happening
everyone in here is a clone of abigail breslin
i'm skiing
the floor is pudding
nothing makes sense to me anymore
put on your gasoline shirt and strike a match
the wind smells like cheetos and my gatorade is crunchy
and my left foot is a hoof but it's also my right hand and my mom is here 
but she looks like my mom if she was being played by buster keaton and the walls
are turning into grapes
what bizarre world have you taken me to
you did this
you turned the universe on its side and inside out
if youll excuse me, i have to continue typing on this pumpkin to study for my exams
on cakes and wishing wells
both of them are on truggsday
and now im trapped here
with solange knowles
all thanks to you
all thanks to you and
your otherworldly romance
(which i actually think is quite nice and adorable)
everything's back!
except i think my teeth are wooden
how did that happen
oh, that will fade
it's a faux wood finish
just drink some cola it'll rinse right out
but make sure the cola is licorice flavoured
you master of the universe
you queen of new england

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Car Bomb

New York
is the only city
that makes me feel patriotic.

For peculiar nationalism,
I blame everyone
except myself.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


similar ideas of beauty
serving the nation
forward along the line

from them from them from them from them
from them: they see in us
what we see in each other

blessed, saddled up
a pack of mules riding
to the very bottom