Friday, November 19, 2010

grew together/-\equivocally up

an insistence 
adjust slowly
adjust Sir Beautiful

the jury decides behind the wall of your choice
your jury derides behind your jury's henchmen
and mine, me looking to you
through an explanation
and the rewards, o those rewards
will meet you halfway, Sir

cretins of continuity
give medicine
in exchange for service;
be the same or be different
it does not matter
for all behavior

an insistence 
adjust slowly
adjust Sir Beautiful

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

will honor your memory to honor memory

and weep, get out of the house
self-possessed total chaos, domination
theory is as theory says it does
determine an indeterminate self

just because something else
commands the trachea
does not mean all hope is lost
or that only fear remains

the theory of the universe
is that in theory there is no universe
imagine experience imagine remember
imagine experience imagine memory --

indeed it was indignity
that caused dear ones dear loss
the great divide divideth wide
and cursed the battle for the cause --

experience magic memory
remember imagined experience
fade far away, dissolve, and quite forget
what thou among the leaves hast never known

crooked pains amass indelibly
dawn bends over the horizon
while night stares up its skirt

talking about "disgusting" weather
wearing too much perfume
your rules the rules
my rules card games

black suit black pants black heels
clacking uncomfortably
underneath the granite slabs, uncultivated farmland
unadorned yet unattended, to be managed plate-by-plate

just a feeling about assumption
to canvass a carcass with experience
not enough hearing and answering
nothing commensurate with "probably pretty likely"