Friday, October 23, 2009

i love you because you are me the way i won't turn out
that drop of blood in my glass of milk and so,
if you talk to me before we are outside your dad's apartment
turn to me, god commanded our pubes match our haircuts

what you didn't do will stay with you forever, that is
until you die and i do not but please don't make me stay with you
i don't think i'd be able to watch the way i stay afloat
and your life makes sense in the context only of what did not become of me

if you asked how, you would be a fucking idiot
the opposite of hallelujah that comes out, comes out wherever you are
in truth we never lied to one another because we were the same
try as we might it just wasn't something of which either of us was capable

you will go the way the dead go beneath the willows
on the sabbath i will recount your deeds but no one will know
all the keys, everywhere, all of us but no piano man
the sun will rise to drag your ghost out of the future

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