Thursday, October 15, 2009

far from a full night's worth
i just went in there and thought about who i was
really talking to, there's really no one,
a hint but nothing more

i think, therefore
do it like you did, and say it
say it funny, say it how you said it
with the hand gestures and your face

we're all jokes aren't we the kind
you tell to everyone starting with
a Jew, a Rastafarian, and a Sikh walk into a bar
we told the Shintoist stay home

you don't mean for anyone to listen
unless the ghost operating your machine
derives the intention from somewhere
while it never leaves the cockpit

always manned, ever evaporating
little tweaks here and there but mostly low maintenance
nothing too high tech except being born
even then you can get a lot of help

the biggest trick is other people make you think
you're real just by being nearby,
they all have ideas they just don't know
where any of them come from

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