Thursday, May 28, 2009

airplane ride

inside of a mouth melting Vesuvius spitting saliva dripping wave pouring sailor mooring pop rock danger drop carousel belly flop inward thrusting sacred trusting mantlepiece dusting baguette crusting rooftop shingling arpeggio singing night lusting with an upswing pillowcase dirtying brand new shirtying trial by jurying perspired hurrying inspired worrying nocturnal burrowing showtune scurrying secret discovering metaphor hovering weathervane mothering pandemic wondering silver spoon blundering bugle player summoning parkside sauntering inflight pandering riptide cantering artichoke handling bandstand kindling beach day wintering blood vessel splintering turbine tinkering elephant whispering hey mistering landscape twistering blue jean blistering sailboat christening neighbors listening sweet potato tousling brown hair moussing laundromat discussing tireflat husslebustling tarantula enveloping lone ranger eloping marscapone callioping short virtuoso doping beat quickening lawn thickening waitress mimicking tortoisehare bickering acrobat hiccuping beet wine supping tightrope slipping pale cream whipping desert blustering allstrength mustering fastball flustering workhorse clustering championship muscling biopower shuffling rainforest rustling daydream hustling love

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