Thursday, May 14, 2009

i had to hesitate: am i inhuman? and laughed
the curse of the universe is certain for us
the gods are vengeance, that is the only demand they left behind.
i'm not the man i was, where is he going?
i too am religious, that is one of the necessities of nature:
in the mornings a deep silence reigns,
we had all the big names
here as a cathedral is built around a chapel

a door led to the balcony: they always play the same records
wagner, bruckner, strauss: they're dear little animals which did me good
the devil comes to make pleasant conversation: a moralist who warns of a grain of truth
first and foremost: how stupid of you not to make the most of this,
even hangmen would not be employed

what is my short earthly life compared to my victory after?
i am the tutor of successful democrats: people like me want to change the world,
you are the heirs of our Native America, Russian aristocracy and middle class, China, Africa, Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Japan:
victorious in a strange way, in America:
old traditions, old uniforms, love of a reality
loved by majority and carved by the will of the nation
whether or not we're for or against motherhood, the main thing is we're winning
there is no one nearer to god than the guilty.

is the inevitability real? who will be the next
is it in us? you can't tell
a lie if you have never told the truth
we only praised, as in life
what else is there to say on such a theme
beside dreams from the era of the light

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