Saturday, December 12, 2009

friendship seems a baby step that never reaches the ground
never goes forward but if i could hold that instant
not on the ground or above it only the intent to go ahead
into who knows what like some victim of an unlucky accident
you can't prove i planned it all along who will tell me
"you're still ahead in the long run" and "your debts won't leave you bankrupt"
what is justified and what is insane
remember how much you felt for that person that year that close your eyes
and this may as well have happened to someone else
the body i was born in wouldn't have a location if no one could see it
reason diminishes as sight sharpens
i will not be having these charades tonight
eating rats out of a sewage pipe
taking turns to blow the bitch to shreds
your facade is too perfect to hold such savagery
please pull the shades down for your own good and mine

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