Monday, February 22, 2010

my name moniker cognomen and soubriquet is Eugene Owens
I am featured prominently elsewhere
I eat a lot of fruit and people have seen me do it
I know what bottled water brands are exclusively available at airports
I see lavatory as the sexy way to indicate where I disburthen myself of raddled minerals
I have no friends
Everyone knows me, but I have been executed
I do the do-gooding I can do beyond the grave
Here is an example of my work:

i love you
how are you doing
you are my best friend
i miss you very much
you are so special
it's not the same without you
when are you coming back
you're the best
i care so deeply
if i did, i didn't try, did i?
false positives are worse than negatives
your cough sounds magnificent like life and shit rainbows
E. Owens

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