Thursday, March 25, 2010

eschewed me, but 
don't be so formerly unrepresentable -- 

just a showcase for anti-establishment values
a space that illuminates 
inequities but cannot resolve them. 

first the poet against her social constraint, 
and later the poetry 

against constraint -- one against many, 
a small vessel cursing the sky that swallowed it. 

reality so to speak, 
and our linguistic expectations 
for the relationship between word and life:

could it please, could it please please God 
to make the Word good, as with You, 
the poem rests so heavily on the reader.

the confusion of connection
this is the thing that helps us
never need to say this like as

my station, my prism, my manuscript

the tank rumbles
the rhinoceros stampedes

my station, my prism, my manuscript

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