Sunday, March 21, 2010

holy contractual agreement! holy guarantor! holy businessman's lunch! holy consulting firm, holy ad agency, holy Wharton School! holy private equity! holy venture capital! hol-e-commerce! holy mutual fund! holy Board of Trustees! holy centralization! holy distribution channel! holy ergonomics! holy FIFO! holy franchise! holy globalization! holy GNP, GDP, IMF! holy intellectual property! holy invisible exports! holy letter of credit! holy diminishing returns! holy limited partnership! holy liability insurance! holy NASDAQ, holy net assets-capital-cash-balance-errors-and-omissions-fixed-assets-margin-operating-income-proceeds-profit-worth! holy non-disclosure agreement! holy Pay-Pal! holy PLC! holy pro-forma! holy psychographics! holy self-liquidating sole proprietorship! holy take-home pay for a tariff on a target market! holy T-Bill for a telecommuting think tank team player! holy whistleblowing word-of-mouse vulture capitalist underwriter! holy telebank tax bracket trademark takeover! holy waste management waiver of premium on wholesale wallet technology! holy XML year-end voting rights!

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