Thursday, March 4, 2010

revised list, travel imperatives

A REVISED LIST, c/o A. O. Pelliccia

-Doritos (Cool Ranch/Spicy Taco/Plain Red)
-Kettle Corn
-Pirate's Booty
-Fiber Bars
-More Doritos
-Honey Wheat Pretzels
-A case of bottle water
-Btw. 1 and 439 liters of Mountain Dew Code Red
-More Doritos
-Chinatown supermarket treats 
-Edible underwear
-Rock candy
-Jaw breakers
-Pull and peel cherry twizzlers
-Bagels and crim chizz
-Rabbit Ragu
-Bean soup
-Bean salad
-Bean sandwiches
-Tuna sandwiches
-Dogfish sandwiches
-Muscle Milk
-Acrylic nails

I think that about covers it

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