Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dr. Griffiths said: an 
improved outlook on life 
after an experience in 
which the boundaries 
between the self 
and others disappear. 

In interviews, Dr. Martin 
and other subjects described 
their egos and bodies vanishing 
as they felt part of some larger 
state of consciousness in which 
their personal worries and insecurities 
vanished. They found 
themselves reviewing past relationships 
with lovers and relatives 
with a new sense of empathy. 

Dr. Grob writes, “individuals 
transcend their primary identification 
with their bodies and experience 
ego-free states before the time 
of their actual physical demise, 
and return with a new perspective 
and profound acceptance of the life 
constant: change.”

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Martina said...

That sounds about right.