Tuesday, April 20, 2010

invalidity like

the air off center horizon dipped beyond the range of compromise
slowly as the wind beside stood still doused in expectant everything
waiting but waiting paying for time with time without pockets as empty as
i don't expect anything except everything and i won't accept anything
feed my pockets holding little things to shut them in on myself think
about the last time thoughts meant it was a wednesday and on wednesday
i understood wednesday just as well as i understood which is just as much
as i feed my hands other bodies to shut them up sand castles at low tide pay
for time with symmetry play for time bartering urgency for posterity
do you mind this tempest will straddle the coast
it tastes like water and feels like hell and well i am a woman a question
found at my own feet solid ground as rarely as possibly i don't eat
what isn't nailed down don't speak when i am not spoken too loudly
no one lets me know sleep without my head beneath a crown of gold hair
so shed my case in case the clause would mean you are not the weaver
here evening fell upon something before how to call any of it the darkness
from the light the waters from the waters a tournament ground from sky
beast from burden fall from fall who had it right sitting like shades
in the only place while naming everything without each other
just call it the most is lie teach forever through practice

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